Welcome to InternetOmbudsman.biz! Our services fall into two distinct categories:

Ombudsman Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to Ombudsman operations, governments, agencies, and organizations who wish to establish, evaluate, or improve Ombudsman services. Our consultants are world leaders in Ombudsmanship, governance and board of directors activities, Ombudsman accountability and evaluation, Ombudsman hiring and training, and online dispute resolution. Please look at our services to see what we can do to create or improve your Ombudsman practice.

Highlighted Services

Sports ADR

We offer a unique consulting service for the sports community by providing a range of ADR services. Internetombudsman.biz consultants have impressive credentials as athletes and sports administrators. They merge their knowledge and love of sport with their credentials as ADR practitioners. Disputes may arise at many levels in sport. From elite athletes dealing with carding, team selection, or doping issues to sports organizations wishing to develop fair policies for inclusion on a local level. Universities may wish to develop campus or state wide systems to deal with complaints about the allocation of sports scholarships; and leagues on a local, regional or national level may wish to develop specific Ombudsman or complaint programs to deal with issues as opposed to lengthy and expensive court based processes.

Investigations Services

Our investigations service will be particularly appealing to organizations, agencies, corporations, or governments which lack their own Ombudsman program; but which require an independent, impartial, and neutral evaluation of complaints. Our Ombudsman investigations will be conducted with the same integrity and rigorous interest as can found in the a state of the art practice. We aim for timely and informative results, paired with reasonable and implementable recommendations for resolution.

Internetombudsman.biz consultants have strong, practical backgrounds in Ombudsman investigations. Our consultants are either former executive or classical Ombudsmen or Ombudsman staff who have a demonstrated ability to conduct Ombudsman investigations. Our consultants have investigational backgrounds ranging from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, to state Ombudsman offices, to the Office of the Ombudsman with the Department of National Defense.

We can assist your organization with Ombudsman investigations, or with related inquiries which require skilled professionals, such as conflict of interest, harassment, human rights or internal inquiries.