Consulting Services provides innovative and affordable services to Ombudsman operations and chartering bodies such as governments, agencies, and corporations. Our consultants are experts in the three types of Ombudsman programs: classical, executive, and organizational.

Ombudsman are generally classed in one of three categories: classical or legislative, organisational, and executive.

Classical or legislative ombudsman are appointed by a national, state or provincial, or municipal legislative body to ensure the fair treatment of the population by the administration. There are numerous examples of classical ombudsman across the globe. These would include the many municipal, state, provincial, or national ombudsman appointed by the appropriate level of government. They are located outside of the structure of the agency they oversee, and receive complaints from the external users of services provided by the agency. Classical ombudsman receive wide-ranging powers to investigate complaints, to make reports, and to make recommendations to the authority to resolve matters.

Organisational ombudsman are appointed by their respective agencies to receive complaints about fairness issues within the organisation. These internal ombudsman service a community within an organisation, such as staff, patients, or students. Organisational ombudsman are an informal resource and do not conduct investigations, nor do they make reports or recommendations.

Executive ombudsman are appointed by their agency as an internal dispute resolution resource for complaints generated by an external community. Examples of executive ombudsman would be bank or insurance ombudsman, newspaper ombudsman, and, in the case of ICANN, an Internet Ombudsman.

While executive ombudsman are located within specific agencies, as are organisational ombudsman, they deal with an external public and conduct investigations, and may make reports and recommendations, as do classical ombudsman.

The American Bar Association (ABA) Standards define an executive ombudsman as:

An executive ombudsman may be located in either the public or private sector and receives complaints from the general public or internally and addresses actions and failures to act of the entity, it officials, employees, and contractors.

What can our consulting services do for your program?

We can:

  • Work with your legislature, board of directors, or management team to determine what Ombudsman program would work best in your environment
  • Provide advice on, or provide Ombudsman statutes, charters, frameworks, policies and processes
  • Develop appropriate management accountability and evaluation frameworks for Ombudsman evaluations
  • Conduct hiring processes to find the best Ombudsman or staff for your program
  • Develop and conduct training to ensure that that your program is working with best practices and international standards
  • Conduct evaluations of Ombudsman programs and report on what work is working well, and provide guidance on what can be improved
  • Develop consumer surveys
  • Help ombudsman gauge their performance against other Offices
  • Help ombudsman develop and implement communication plans to reach their communities, and their chartering body
  • Make your annual reports the “Best in Class”
  • Help developing states implement, evaluate, staff, and train Ombudsman programs
  • Provide expert advice on solving tough problems and cases
  • Develop return on investment (ROI) analysis to show that money invested in your program saves downstream costs
  • Work with your team to improve your investigations, processes, and reports
  • Provide expert advice on digital case management systems and online – interactive systems. We’ll move your organization into the 21st Century
  • Listen to your concerns, and develop appropriate and implementable outcomes – we tailor our consultancy to your needs
  • Move you from being a “trend follower” to trend leader
  • Make your Ombudsman program a centre of excellence in dealing with your clients and stakeholders.

  • Our core services include:

  • Ombudsman Evaluation
  • Setting Up An Ombudsman Practice
  • Improving Your Ombudsman Practice and Reporting
  • Planning and Delivering Training
  • Ombudsman Investigations
  • Conflict Resolution and Cross Cultural Issues
  • Sports ADR